Our book "Elements of Numbers: Fast and Easy Character Profiling"

We did our research and published our EON book. We want you to know yourself and others, in an easy and affordable way. Read up the book and practise at your own time and pace, at your convenience and privacy. Get to know the real you. Make the positive change, and live the enriching life you've envisioned. For your own sake, and your loved ones too.

Inspiring insights at ElementsOfNumbers.com

We profiled and analysed case studies. We shared our discoveries by posting regular articles at ElementsOfNumbers.com. We did it specially for you... and many others. Read up and learn something about yourself. Afterall, it's FREE. It's one of our "paying-it-forward" initiatives to help and inspire you, and many others - as much as we've enjoyed sharing our knowledge, experience, and passions. And thanks to our learners, we received regular positive reviews too.

Lessons you can learn today, for a better tomorrow

We continue to pursue practical insights and logical applications - without imposing fears and naive stereotyping. We conduct workshops to impart our knowledge, discoveries, and profiling techniques... to those who believes they can make a change and deserves a better tomorrow. The quality of your life is in your own hands - don't leave it to fate. And your destiny depends on how you think, behave, and act today. We can guide you... when you're ready to build the knowledge with us. Just like our learners... who smiled with tears of joy!

Profiling tools... for SMART users!

We developed productivity software tools for our own profiling use. We automated the mundane plotting of charts, and need not worry about making mistakes. We could get different charts and essential information displayed instantly. Life is getting better, better, and better! For us. We've MORE TIME now to analyse the charts, identify the clues, and focus our profiling analysis with wider perspectives.

You can now use the same software. Like the way we did. And life will be better, and better, and better for you too! You can focused more on the analysis, than spending unproductive time plotting the charts. You now have no more fears about making mistakes and plotting wrong charts! Because you know, you can rely on our automated tool to save you time and worries!

Seeking life answers... in a positive light

We designed the “Numbers in Positive Light” (NIPL) Oracle Deck to help us look within to connect with our own intuition - to seek answers, guidance, clarity, or a new perspective... about a situation or question asked. We created NIPL Oracle Deck for multi-use. We used it as a normal Oracle deck with affirmation messages, or as a numerology flash card to interpret numbers and personality traits. Most of all, we received enlightening insights each time we used it as profiling cards with guiding signs – like knowing the interactions of the numbers, the impact from Yin-Yang energies, and the influences from the six elements.

You can now use the NIPL Oracle Deck, like how we use them. Whichever way you like, it's intriguing. Just focus on your intent when you need them. Get the answers or seek the guiding signs, on the numbers in positive light. And it’s all much easier once you resonate with the deck, with regular practices... for an enriched learning experience.

Testimonials. What others say about us!

Lessons with interactional participation, laughter with tears of joy, "live" case-study analysis, and "feel-free-to-ask-questions" are part of our training ethics. Our learners know us best, and have enjoyed a fun, insightful, and transformational learning experience. Below are reviews we received from some of them. You, too, can feel likewise. Register for our workshops, and experience the same, if not better, positive and joyful learning vibes with us!


Ron is very experienced and has vast knowledge on Elements of Numbers [EON], Bazi, and other metaphysics. He combines all his knowledge to create the EON. The training fee that Ron charges are very much affordable. The knowledge and sharing from the training are very worthy. Ron is willing to share all his knowledge during the training session.


Thank you very much for this eye opening FEN workshop. You have uplifted my awareness to a different level and provided me with more options of how I could analyze my reading more effectively with better in-depth understanding. Your workshop is cost effectively power pack with abundance knowledge and wisdom and I would not hesitate to recommend it to all my friends.

Su (from Thailand)

The FEN workshop has truly been a great learning experience. Ron is extremely experienced with numbers and profiling. He is passionate about what he teaches, and he addresses our questions with patience. The methods covered in the course have indeed given us a clearer view on our choices in life.


Ron’s FEN class opened up new ways to look at Numerology that I’d learned earlier. His generous sharing & patient, clear way of presenting helped to make the experience of learning even more fruitful. This is a course for anyone who is sincerely passionate about numbers.


I learned something useful in the NSQ class that could compliment what I learned in the FEN workshop previously. It is easy to understand and fast way to profile a person's personality. The case study was interesting and it helped to explain more of what and how we can extract out the information from the discussions. Thanks Ron for organising this workshop.


It was a great, lively, and an interactive workshop approach. One great thing I really enjoyed was the 'open discussion' where everyone learn from each other's case study and experience, the element and number associations, internal and external factors, etc.